Content Submissions

Alert! Please read and understand the following:

Submission Release & Agreement

You acknowledge that this Submission Release covers and governs any and all of the Material, whether first submitted to AMGTV contemporaneously with, or prior to, or following, the execution of this Submission Release, and applies also to any submission of the Material made to AMGTV by another source, directly or indirectly, by or through you.

You warrant that you are the sole and exclusive creator, author and owner of the Material, and that to your knowledge no one else has any right to the Material OR you warrent that you are authorized to syndicate and/or distribute this material, in such situations that other rights holders, owners or creators present themselves we AMGTV is dissolved of any legal reprecussions and such communications or claims will be passed on to you.

However, you cannot and will not assume or infer from the fact that AMGTV will accept your offer to submit your Materials, that AMGTV regards your Material, or any part thereof, as novel, valuable or usable. You recognize that other persons may have submitted to AMGTV or to others to be made public, or may hereafter originate and submit or make public, similar or identical material which AMGTV shall have the right to use, and you understand that you will not be entitled to any compensation because of AMGTV's use of such similar or identical material.

You understand that by submitting your program, AMGTV is under no obligation to air your program. Further, your submissions does not in any way allow you to claim your program is already running on the network, green-lighted or in production for the network. Your submission does not allow you to seek sponsors for advertisers on the basis of an AMGTV run. You are due no compensation from AMGTV for submitting a program. If and when your program is selected for airing terms will be discussed and agreed to before the program runs.