Content Submissions

AMGTV is always looking for new, interesting, entertaining, educational and informative content!

If you're in possession of a finished program or are currently in production, we may be interested in airing your program!

We air content that is diverse, inclusive and geared toward many lifestyles. We are a network that is family friendly, yet entertaining and informative with featuring first-run original programs and mainstream movies from the largest Hollywood studios.

General Disclaimer

Please be aware that we receive many content submissions per day and we do not have the ability to respond to each submission. Additionally, it may take us two to four weeks before we view and process your program.

If we are interested in airing your program, or learning more information, a member of our Content Team will respond accordingly.

It is not necessary to submit your program more than once. Once your program is received, an e-mail receipt will be delivered to you confirming your submission.

Alert! Important Information

Before submitting your program please ensure you meet/can satisfy the following:

  • Your program must be "ready to run" when it's delivered to us. If accepted and agreed upon, any commercial time which remains with the producer must be sold and placed in the episode being delivered to AMGTV. We will not traffic any spots on your behalf.
  • Timing Sheets must be included for each episode. The timing sheets should list the start, end and total run times of each block of programming.
  • If your program is episodic and air schedules matter, you must be able to provide us with a calendar detailing which episode should air in a given week. Episodes must be delivered *7* days before airing.

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